Skenfrith Castle
Skenfrith Castle is a ruined 13th Century castle in the village of the same name in Monmouthshire, on the border with Herefordshire.    It is one of the "Three Castles" built to defend the Monnow Valley border area of Wales and England, but fell out of use in the late 15th Century.
Viewers of "Doctor Who" might recognise the castle area as it was a filming location used in the episode "Amy's Choice".   There is no charge for entry or parking, but the car parking area is somewhat limited in capacity.  
P73082 - Skenfrith
P73056 - Skenfrith
Castle Interior
P73058 - The
 Great Tower
P73063 - Inside The
Great Tower
P73072 - The
Northeast Tower
P73073 - River
P73078 - The
Great Tower
P73081 - West Tower
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