P75401 - GMC CCKW
P75424 - GMC DUKW
P75183 - Hotchkiss
P75231 - KMG OT-90
P75166 - Land Rover 110
P75176 - Land Rover 110
P75308 - Land Rover
Air Portable Series 3
P75307 - Land Rover
 Lightweight SIIA
P75174 - Land Rover
Series I
P75203 - Leyland
P75179 - Leyland
P75306 - Mercury
Military Roadster
P75382 - Metropolitan
Cammell Mk IX
Valentine DD
P75186 - Morris Minor
P75188 - Morris 8
P75173 - Pinzgauer
Rapier Missile System
P75396 - Pontiac
 Silver Streak
P75198 - Reo M35 A2
P75192 - Reo M35 A2
P75226 - Scammell
P75232 - Scammell
P75200 - Scammell
P75220 - Scammell
P75233 - Scammell
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Wartime in the Vale 2017
Photographs from the second day of the event (the Sunday - this is the first year that I have not been in attendance on the Saturday).    As I was only in attendance on one day, and had no official status, this is not as comprehensive as collection as in previous years; I concentrated on exhibits and Arena activities.
In light of the event brochure not listing around half the military exhibits, and inaccuracies in the entries of some of the vehicles that did get listed, the exhibit photographs are in alphabetical order by name, and I have only included the exhibit number in the full title if I believe the brochure entry to be correct for the exhibit.   In a lot of cases, exhibits have been identified either from previous photographs that I have taken of them, or by internet searches based on vehicle registrations.     I feel that if I had been doing this event for the first time, I would have had a lot more difficulty in identifying exhibits.
I would also query the "10th Anniversary" status of this event.   By my reckoning, the first "Wartime in the Vale" took place in 2009 (a fact that both the event brochure of that year and the previous organiser supports).   Either I've missed two years, or this was only the eighth anniversary (the event's original organiser agrees with my count).