Evesham Carnival 2017
Photographs from the 2017 event, the theme of which was "Driving through the Decades".
This is perhaps not as comprehensive coverage as in the previous year, and I initially thought I'd made a mess of this.   However, on examining the photographs, I found that on the whole my strategy of working more close-in on the floats worked for most part, and any losses were mainly down to bad luck.    The only major loss was a photograph of the carnival queen herself; unfortunately circumstances meant I couldn't get a clear shot of her.  
I think perhaps in future, I should try and photograph the carnival at two points on the route; I have managed this before, and it would reduce the chance of losses.
Finally I would ask that any children wishing to contact me about these photographs do not do this themselves, but get an Appropriate Adult to do so instead.  
 P75459 - "Yellow
Submarine" Float
 P75461 - Dancers
 P75463 - "Mermaid"
 P75464 - "Mermaid"
 P75467 - De Montfort
School Float
P75468 - "Lizzie's Busy
Bus "
P75470 - "Boogie Bounce
Extreme Float" 
P75471 - Evesham
Adventure Playground
P75472 - Carnival
P75475 - Float
P75476 -  Elim Church
P75477 -  Carnival
P75478 - Mobility Float
P75480 - Vale of
Evesham School Float
P75482 - Evesham Girl
Guides Float
P75483 - Ponies
P75484 - Celebration
Reed and Brass
Band Float
P75485 - Float
P75487 - Charity
P75488 - Carnival
Participant, Tesco
P75491 - "Flashback to
 the Marine
Ballroom" Float
P75492 - Float
P75493 - Jeeps
P75494 - Jeep passengers