p76616 - Gardens, Dudmaston Hall, Shropshire - Dudmaston Hall

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Gardens, Dudmaston Hall, Shropshire
Gardens, Dudmaston Hall, Shropshire

Date : 25th February, 2018
Photograph Reference P76616
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 200
Exposure Time : 1/40sec
Aperture : F10
Focal Length : 16mm
Modifications : RAW modified

Polarising filter used

The gardens were not open on this trip, and this was the closest I could get.   The house is just off to the right of the shot.

It has always been my intention to combine a visit to this property with a trip on the Severn Valley Railway, which passes close by to the west of the property.   However, this would have involved a fairly significant walk from Hampton Loade station, crossing the River Severn, and in the end I decided that for my initial visit, I would drive to the property instead.  
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