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The "Art" Gallery
This gallery is dedicated to photographs of artworks and  performance art.  
As of April 2021, due to potential issues of consent, items in this gallery will no longer be available for general sale.
Battle of Evesham Heraldry
Photographs of the shields displayed in Evesham to promote the 2018 Battle of Evesham Re-enactment
Photographs of The Bucket Band
Photographs of the Cotswold Hare Trail 2018
Photographs of some of the hare sculptures found in the Cotswolds during summer 2018
Photographs of the D-Day Dolls
Photographs taken at Evesham Arts Centre
Photographs of various artists who appeared at Evesham Arts Centre between September 2009 and July 2010  
Photographs of the Henson Pig Trail 2017
Photographs of pig sculptures found in various Gloucestershire locations in summer 2017
Photographs of the John Wood Splinters Band
Photographs of Kitten von Mew
Photographs taken at Nature in Art
Photographs from the art gallery complex in Gloucestershire.
Photographs of Tribute Band Planet Abba
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