Firstly, apologies for the slight delay in the news update for June, but circumstances have impacted somewhat on my spare time at the end of May, and I'm somewhat behind on various tasks.
May came down to two main sessions: Cropthorne Walkabout at the beginning of the month, and the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Spring Gala at the end of it (there was a short session at the Evesham Vale Light Railway and a steam tour as well, but these didn't produce the levels of work the other two did, and the EVLR photographs await processing, which I may leave until after their steam gala).  The walkabout photographs were a success; the GWSR ones less so.
Cropthorne Walkabout 2018 marked the official debut session of the Sony A77 (I had decided not to have my first session at the Regatta as I felt that I wasn't ready to take the A77 into something this intense straight out of the box, and anyway I was still missing a component at 8am on the Saturday; the camera was only ready for use at 1pm that day).   I had considered going further afield for the first session, but felt that I didn't really want to deal with Bank Holiday traffic, and I was also wary of the fact that I messed up the first session with A550, and felt that if I messed up the Walkabout photographs, it would not be the end of the world.   In the end, some great resulted in some great photographs, although I can't help feeling that the only way to go with photographing this event from this point is downwards, so I suspect that I will not return, for a few years at least. 
If the weather for the first bank holiday weekend of the month was great, the same cannot be said for the second one, which coincided with the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's "Give My Regards to Broadway" event, which was dominated by overcast conditions and a thunderstorm on the Sunday, the latter which led me to leave the railway early.   In hindsight, I wish I had spent that afternoon at Gotherington as (a) the weather improved after I left and (b) a family issue on the Monday resulted in me not being able to attend that day.    I wouldn't go as far as to say that the photography was a absolute disaster, but I have had better sessions on the railway, and I suspect a follow-up session with a view to scouting lineside locations between Broadway and Toddington will not be long in coming.
The HTML5 conversion proceeds at around the pace I'd expected, with 3 collections converted and 1 new one added during May (a 4th conversion was not quite ready at the end of the month, but should be on line shortly).  
Unfortunately, a situation has developed in my personal life that will make things difficult for me to commit to any photography for some time.   I had several things I was considering doing during the month, including trying to get a Dorset holiday in before the school holidays started, but things are now somewhat up in the air.   Watch this space!
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