I am very fortunate in the fact that if I want to photograph birds not native to the UK, I am within an hour's drive of two places with exotic bird collections, Birdland and the Cotswold Wildlife Park.   The former even has King Penguins, and the only other place in the UK I can photograph these is in Scotland.    As a result most of this collection has been taken "locally".  
P67412 - African
P69651 - Blackbird
P51448 - Barn Owl
P57778 -  Black-headed
P53199 - Black Swan 
P00978 - Burrowing Owl 
P02919 - Canada Goose
P35010 - Caribbean
P67438 - Caribbean
P51238 - Chicken 
P67440 - Coscoroba
P02355 - Crested Duck 
P67418 - Crowned Crane
P00998 - Eagle Owl
P67428 - Emu
P67432 - Emu
P01001 - Golden Cornure
P50309 - Greylag Goose 
P57939 - Greylag Goose
P02322 - Helmeted
P02359 - Humboult
P67448 - King Penguin
P01069 - King Penguin
P53182 - Kookaburra
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