Evesham Regatta 2009
Photographing the first day of the 2009 Regatta was some of the most intensive work that I have ever done, with a record 846 exposures taken during the day (a record that stood until 2014), and I succeeded in the goal of recording the day from start to finish.  The reason for the large amount of exposures was down to being able to identify the teams; in order to do this, I took a identification photo of each team as they approached my position and a "proper" photograph as they moved away from me.   By marrying up the two photographs, I was able to match a crew to a crew number, and a pre-prepared database provided the rest of the crew information.   The downside was that of the 846 photographs, half were surplus to requirements once all the crews were identified. 
After some initial experimentation, I settled on a "close-in" style, concentrating on the rowers.   This tended to work better as the crews got smaller, and also tended to lose the cox in the coxed crews.   I apologise for this, but I think the results convey a sense of action far better than trying to get the whole boat in. 
[The collection is a small sample of the work done, and at the moment none are available for sale.   Anyone wishing to have a photograph made available for sale, or interested in a crew not currently on this site, should contact me via one of the links on the photo pages, or on the Home Page] 
P03331 - Crew 1
P03400 - Crew 29
P03385 - Crew 48
P03235 - Crew 68
  P03375 - Crew 84
P03522 - Crew 87
P03238 - Crew 108
P03294 - Crew 116
P03246 - Crew 119
P03820 - Crew 129
P03587 - Crew 149
P03769 - Crew 192
P03643 - Crew 200
P03623 - Crew 216
P03805 - Crew 222
P03559 - Crew 227
P03631 - Crew 236
P03761 - Crew 246
P03601 - Crew 248
P03604 - Crew 252
P03447 - Crew 254
P03746 - Crew 257
P03635 - Crew 261
P03615 - Crew 262
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