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Transport (Railways)
Photographing steam locomotives is something I've spent a good part of my life doing, around 40 years, with various cameras.   It's only been in the couple of  decades or so that I've seriously branched into other areas.
In this gallery you will find my railway work.  The standard gauge steam locomotives are grouped by who designed them, rather than who built them (this does throw out some anomalies, particularly "Tornado" and rebuilt Bullied Pacifics).   The narrow-gauge locomotives are grouped by the railway they are taken, and photographs of trains in the landscape, regardless of motive power type, will be found in "Trains in the Landscape" unless they are taken in proximity to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, Dean Forest Railway or Swanage Railway; these three have dedicated collections.
Photographs of the Bala Lake Railway
Photographs of Cropthorne Light Railway
Diesel Locomotives Photographs
Diesel Multiple Unit Photographs
Photographs of the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways
Dean Forest Railway Photographs
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Photographs
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Photographs
Perrygrove Railway Photographs
Photographs of BR-designed Steam Locomotives
Photographs of GWR-designed Steam Locomotives
Photographs of LMS-designed Steam Locomotives
Photographs of LNER-designed Steam Locomotives
Photographs of SR-designed Steam Locomotives
Photographs of Non-UK-designed Steam Locomotives
Photographs of Misc. UK-designed Steam Locomotives
Photographs of Trains in the Landscape
Valley Railway Adventure Photographs
(Formerly "Evesham Vale Light Railway)
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