Middle Littleton Tithe Barn
This is the closest National Trust Property to my home (just a shade closer than the "The Fleece Inn" at Bretforton) and was originally part of the holdings of Evesham Abbey before the latter was destroyed in the Dissolution of the Monasteries.    It's a small property, and there is no entrance charge to visit (although donations can be made). 
I've only made one visit to the property so far, which involved me walking from my home to Middle Littleton, a distance of about 5 miles.   This was partly due to my mistaken belief that there wasn't any car parking facilities on site; had I known this, I might have driven there, if only to have been able to take a tripod.    At some point I intend to return with one, as internal photography really needs one.  
middle_littleton_tithe_barn001002.gif middle_littleton_tithe_barn001001.gif
P50996 - Middle Littleton
 Tithe Barn
P50999 - Barn
P51000 - Barn Window
P51002 - Tithe Barn
P51009 - Tithe Barn
P51012 - Barn
P51024 - Roof Beams
P51025 - Outbuilding
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