Charlecote Park
This is a National Trust property in Warwickshire, just to the northeast of Stratford-upon-Avon.   I have visited this property four times since 2011, although I believe another "Richard Kyte" has also done some photography work here.  
As a result of a second visit in November 2013, the collection has been re-arranged into a location-based order, in a roughly clockwise direction around the property starting at the gatehouse.   This collection perhaps demonstrates how my photography has progressed in the last few years  (the June 2011 visit was the last time the A550 was coupled with the basic lens from the A200, said lens getting replaced the next day).  
P53362 - The Gatehouse
P65104 - The Gatehouse
P53394 - The Greencourt
P65114 - The Greencourt
P65113 - Shepherdess
P65112 - Shepherd
P53364 - House Entrance
P53393 - Buggy
P53365 - Charlecote
P61928 - Bridge over
 the River Dene
P73515 - The River
P61992 - The River
P73515 - Bridge over
the River Dene
P61989 - Bridge over
the River Dene
P65101 - Bridge over
the River Dene
P61985 - Rivers Dene
and Avon
P65082 - Charlecote
P65090 - Charlecote
P73554 - Charlecote
P61978 - Charlecote
P65096 - Waterfall
P53375 - Waterfall
P53374 - Waterfall
P53392- Charlecote
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