Upton House
This  property is located on the border of Warwickshire and Oxfordshire (I believe it is geographically in Warwickshire, but has a Oxfordshire postcode).    The house dates from around 1695, but much of the current layout dates from a remodelling done in 1927-28, and the property is presented as it would have been in the 1930s.  
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P53312 - Upton House
P53314 - The rear of
Upton House
P55159 - The rear of
Upton House
P53316 - The rear of
 Upton House
P55162 - The rear of
Upton House
P53317 - Upton House
P53320 -  Looking down
the Dry Bank
P55164 - The Mirror Pool
P53324 - The Mirror
Pool, looking towards
the Dry Bank
P55170 - The Mirror
 Pool, looking towards
the terraces
P53328 - Looking across
the Dry Bank
from the Hazel Bank
P53330 - Statue of Pan
P55174 - Statue of Pan
P53332 - Steps up the
P55178 - Lady Bearsted's
P55189 - Archway
P53334 - The Mirror
 Pool, looking
P53337 - Flight of Steps
P53338 - Looking
southeast across
the gardens
P53340 - The Bog House
P55175 - The Bog Garden
P53342 - The Bog Garden
P53348 - Pond,
The Bog Garden
P73469 - The Bog Garden
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