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P53903 - Winnie
P53906 - Margaret
P53908 - Voyager III
P53912 - Mermaids of
 the Islay Mist
P53913 - The Goode
P53916 - Bell Boat
P53918 -Genevre
P53921 - Boat out of
P53922 - Pretty Woman
P53923 - Wave Dancer
P53926 - Moon River
P53927 - Mermaids of
the Islay Mist
P53928 - Voyager III
P53929 - Phrollic
P53931 - Salamander II
P53935 - Bewdley Jester
Evesham River Festival 2011
(Afternoon Parade)
To make construction of this collection easier for me, I have divided the photographs into sections; each section containing items from a particular activity or activities.   This section contains the Afternoon Parade photographs.
This collection now contains photographs representing most of the activities over the two days.   The Splinters Band now has its own collection. 
The 2011 event was my last effective one as Official Photographer.  I was appointed to the post in 2012, but the event was canceled due to heavy rain, and my 2013 tender was not accepted by the revised committee in place that year.   As a result I didn't tender for the 2014 event, and am unlikely to tender for any future ones.
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Afternoon Parade
"Wartime on the River"
Steam Boats
Rescue Demonstrations
Human-powered Boating
Misc. Saturday Photographs
Night Parade
Sunday Games
Moored Boats