Westbury Court Garden
This is a National Trust Property in Gloucestershire, on the A48 road between Gloucester and Lydney,  which meant that I had passed this many times over the years to and from the Dean Forest Railway, but until October 2011 I had never visited it.    The garden is what remains from a Tudor property, and the construction of the garden began in 1696.    However, the property fell into disuse and by 1960, the main buildings had been demolished and the garden was all set to disappear under a property development.    Fortunately various parties stepped in, and the garden was saved.   At this point though, it was in very poor condition and required a major restoration to bring it back to something resembling its prime. 
I revisited the property in 2015, again in conjunction with a visit to the Dean Forest Railway. 
westbury_court_garden001003.gif westbury_court_garden001002.gif
P54951 - The Long Canal
P69491 - Ducks,
The Long Canal
P69530 - The Long Canal
P69496 - The Long Canal
P54956 - The Old
Vegetable Garden
P54952 -The T-Canal
P54972 - The Parterre
P54986 - The Parterre
P69503 - The Parterre
P54987 - The Parterre
P69505 - The Parterre
P54988 - The Parterre
P69507 - The Parterre
P54989 - Topiary
P54969 - The Walled
P54976- The T-Canal
P69498- The T-Canal
P54963- The T-Canal
P54978 - T-Canal
and Neptune Statue
P54961 - Neptune Statue
P54977 - Neptune Statue
P54959 - Fountain
P69537 - Fountain
P54960 - Fountain
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