Stowe Landscape Gardens
This is a National Trust Property in Buckinghamshire, in the grounds of the school and house.  The gardens were constructed over the course of the 18th Century, commissioned by Richard, Viscount Cobham and his nephew and heir, Richard, Earl Temple. 
My first visit was in October 2011, but because I had also scheduled Canons Ashby for a visit on the same day, I only covered about half the gardens on the first visit.   Having been somewhat impressed by the property, I made a second visit in May 2012, of which I covered most of the rest of the gardens (even after that, there are still some parts of the property, I haven't covered, so I think there's a good chance of a third visit in the not-too-distant future).
The collection is in a location-based order, based around the numbering system on the map supplied to visitors in 2011 (the 2012 map has been changed to reflect the current entry arrangements, so to maintain consistency, I will continue to use the 2011 map for ordering purposes).
stowe001003.gif stowe001002.gif stowe001001.gif
P56281 - The Oxford
P56283 - The Western
Boycott Pavilion
P55083- The Temple of
Concord and Victory
P56229- The Temple of
Concord and Victory
P56241 - General Wolfe
P56237 - Fane of
Pastoral Poetry
P56243- The Grecian
P56245 - Lord Cobham's
P56252 - Woden,
Saxon Deity
P56254 - Saxon Deity
P56257 - The Queen's
P55085- The Grotto
P55086- Looking towards
the Octagon Lake
P55112- Looking up
the Alder River
P56221 - Looking out
of the Grotto
P56227 - Crouching
Venus, The Grotto
P55113 - The Season's
P55111 - Captain Cook's
P55092 - The
Grenville Column
P55094- The Temple
of Ancient Virtue
P55095 - Doric Arch
P55108- The Shell Bridge
P55100- Looking up
the Worthies River
P55101- Looking across
the Worthies River
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