I like snow...providing I don't have to drive in it.   I'd never really done much in the way of snow photography until I went over to a DSLR, mainly because the Evesham area doesn't get a great deal of snow (relatively speaking), and more often than not, it doesn't last long (and I usually have to try and get to work).    In the last couple of years there have been several significant snowfalls in the area, and I have managed to do some snow photography.
I've found that it is not the easiest of things to do, and most of the photographs in this collection have required significant lighting adjustments.    I'm coming to the conclusion that in most cases it is probably better to change the camera settings rather than adjust the image later.
winter001003.gif winter001002.gif winter001001.gif
P02209 - Railway
P02216 - Footpath Sign
P02217 - Lockkeepers
Cottage, Evesham
P02219 - River Avon,
P02221 - Whale's
P02222 - Picnic Table
P02224- Bench
P02229- Mallard Ducks
P02234- River Avon
P02238 - Tree Avenue
P02239- Looking into
P06814 - All Saints and
St Laurence
Churchyard, Evesham
P06816 - Tree Avenue
P06819 - Information
P06820 - Tree, Abbey
 Park, Evesham
P06823 - Tree, Abbey
Park, Evesham
P06825 - War Memorial
P06829 - Lily Pond,
Abbey Park, Evesham
P06837 - The River Avon,
P06839 - Abbey Road
Bridge, Evesham
P06844- St Laurence
Churchyard, Evesham
P06845 - The Round
House, Evesham
P06847 - Statue of Eof
P50016 - Battle Well,
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