Evesham Vale 10k Race 2009
These are photographs from the second of the 10K races (the first having been in the previous year), and was the only one I was I was the official photographer to.    Further changes to the Race Management in 2010 resulted in the decision to bring in a team of professional photographers for that event, and I was not asked back.   In fairness, I think this was probably the correct decision as there was only so much I could do by myself, and it freed me up to work both days of the River Festival.   The 10K run was the first event to make a positive enquiry about my work, and without it, I probably wouldn't have been asked to do the River Festival.
The main strategy I used in both years was to attempt to photograph the runners as they approached the finish line.   This worked reasonably well in 2008, but that year I had no other officials to contend with.  In 2009, the race management put an official on the line to encourage the runners as they came in, a fact I was not aware of until it was too late to switch to a backup plan and as a result I had a more limited "field of fire" than I had planned on.   As a result a lot of photographs had to be reworked in PSP, resulting in a variable range of quality on the photographs than I would have liked (both events were done on the Sony A200; the A550 might have coped a little better with the situation, but I wouldn't have that until 2010).    Despite all this, I did manage to capture around 2/3rds of the runners although not all individually. 
I had initially intended this collection to be a mixture of the two events, but restoring the 2008 photographs turned out to be little more complicated to restore than I first thought (mainly due to the event having been done before I purchased Paint Shop Pro), so I decided to concentrate on the 2009 event instead.    This is a selection of what I consider to be the best images, and I may add more at a later date.    Some were used on my Fotopic site; others are making their online debut, and I am still prepared to send copies to the runners involved if they contact me with their race number.    
As to whether I might return to this event, at the moment I think it is highly unlikely I will do so in the near future.  Having committed fully to other events since my departure, I find I am in the situation where it is difficult for me to return unofficially (although perhaps not as difficult now as I am no longer Official Photographer to the River Festival) and I am unwilling to return officially.    I also doubt that I will be so generous with my photographs if I came back; I don't see why I should work for free if the organisers are willing to pay for professionals to attend, so perhaps it is better that I don't return, at least for the moment anyway.   I won't, however completely rule out a return to this event in future. 
P05785 -
Runner 17
P05537 -
Runner 27
P05620 -
Runner 28
P05628 -
Runner 34
P05507 -
Runner 48
P05747 -
Runner 59
P05515 -
Runner 75
P05823 -
 Runner 76
P05781 -
Runner 124
P05624 -
 Runner 142
P05769 -
Runner 143
P05357 -
Runner 153
P05798 -
Runner 163
P05796 -
Runner 169
P05585 -
Runner 186
P05574 -
Runner 193
P05754 -
Runner 210
P05716 -
Runner 213
P05788 -
Runner 248
P05718 -
Runner 255
P05613 -
Runner 260
P05617 -
Runner 280
P05516 -
Runner 282
P05730 -
Runner 361
P05774 -
Runner 388
P05687 -
 Runner 390
P05571 -
Runner 394
P05385 -
Runner 411
P05657 -
Runner 417
P05372 -
Runner 425
P05651 -
Runner 434
P05447 -
Runner 449
P05663 -
Runner 459
P05486 -
Runner 506
P05394 -
Runner 517
P05400 -
Runner 518
P05654 -
Runner 533
P05596 -
Runner 535
P05336 -
Runner 564
P05607 -
Runner 584
P05700 -
Runner 586
P05643 -
Runner 608
P05726 -
Runner 613
P05735 -
Runner 646
P05370 -
Runner 675
P05500 -
Runner 682
P05717 -
Runner 684
P05501 -
Runner 700