Cropthorne Walkabout 2012
Photographs from Day 1 (the Sunday) of the event.   Despite the heavy rain of the previous weekend which ultimately saw the rescheduling of the Evesham Regatta and the loss of the Asparagus Festival, the 2012 Walkabout went ahead (it seems that it was a very close run thing; at least one property had flooding issues two days prior to the event), although the boat trips were cancelled.   I had originally planned to go on the Monday this year, but the weather forecast for the two days suggested that the Sunday would be better, especially if I was going to walk to the event again (which I did), so I decided to go then instead.
The main issue which I had to try and deal with (other than the changing light conditions) was the one that had worried me in 2011 - repetition.   For most of the gardens, I was able to find new angles or objects to photograph and my close-up filters gave me a few more options, but I didn't photograph in a couple of the gardens due to the fact that I couldn't come up with anything I hadn't already done previously.   However, there were a couple of gardens I hadn't done before, and I managed to come up with some good photographs in Cropthorne Court.   I may have to consider a new strategy for future events (I didn't return in 2013 & 2014, choosing to photograph the Evesham Regatta instead).
Overall, I'm pleased with the work in this collection.   Most are "as taken" and in most of the remainder, the adjustments are minimal.   Other photographs from this session have been used in the "Nature in Close-up" collection. 
cropthorne_walkabout_2012001002.gif cropthorne_walkabout_2012001001.gif
P56056 - Well,
The Granary
P56057 - The Granary
P56058 - Flowerbed,
 The Granary
P56074 - Waterfall,
P56075 - Fish Urn,
P56079 - Holland House
P56080 - Holland House
P56090 - Rockery,
Pool House
P56096 - Tree,
Brookside Cottage
P56098 - River Avon
P56101 - Garden,
Patty's Farm House
P56110 - Flowerbed,
Patty's Farm House
P56122 - Frog Fountain,
Columbary House
P56128 - Statue,
Columbary House
P56129 - Bird Bath,
Columbary House
P56130 - Vintage
Columbary House
P56131 - Sculpture,
 Holland House
P56132 - Flowerbed,
Holland House
P56133 - Holland House
P56137 - Bird Table,
South Lodge
P56140 - Stone Frog,
South Lodge
P56143 - Dragon Statue,
Southern Court
P56147 - Riley RM 1 1/2,
Southern Lodge
P56149 - Urn,
Manor Cottage
P56156 - Floral Display,
 St Michaels Church
P56159 - Floral Display,
 St Michaels Church
P56169 - Cropthorne
P56171 - Waterfall,
 Cropthorne Court
  P56172 - Waterfall,
Cropthorne Court
P56177 - Stream,
Cropthorne Court
P56179 - Celebration
Reed and Brass Band
P56182 - Flower display,
 Riverside Lodge
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