Corfe Castle
Located on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, this castle dates back to the Norman Conquest when William the Conqueror built one of his first castles here (although the site was in use from pre-Saxon times).   The medieval period saw much additional work to the castle, but it was the English Civil War that was to be the castle's downfall.   A Royalist stronghold, it was captured after two sieges and subsequently demolished in 1646 by the Parliamentarians.   However, as this collection shows, the castle was not completely obliterated and was passed to the National Trust in 1982. 
I have made five visits here since 2006 and this was the first property I visited as a member of the trust.   The collection is a compliation of photographs from all five visits, although most date from 2008 onwards. 
corfe_castle001003.gif corfe_castle001002.gif
P03939 - The Outer
P54786 - Plukenet Tower
P03941 - The Keep
P65398 - The Keep
P01436 - The Southwest
P03945 - The Southwest
P54811 - The Keep
P65394 - The Keep
P65390 - Steps into the
main castle area
P54790 - Entrance to
the Keep
P65389 - Castle Wall
P54791 - The north end
of Corfe Castle
P65388 - Castle Ruins
P03950 - Looking west
from the Keep
P54792 - The Southwest
P01417 - Corfe Castle
P01419 - The Outer Bailey
54799 - The Outer Bailey
P54796 - The Southwest
P65384 - The Gloriette
P01423 - Castle ruins
P01426 - The Keep
P65377 - Well
P54812 - The Southwest
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