Lacock Abbey
Lacock Abbey is a National Trust Property in Wiltshire, and dates from 1232 when it was built as an Augustine nunnery.   The building became a country house after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and its most famous resident was probably William Henry Fox Talbot, one of the pioneers of photography in the 19th century.
The property is one that I have passed by on several occasions in the last few years on my way to Dorset.    I'd been intending to call in on my way down on my 2010 and 2011 holidays, but circumstances meant that I never quite managed it, and I came to the conclusion that perhaps the best thing I could do for my initial visit was to make a journey specifically to visit the Abbey, as this meant that I would be able to concentrate fully on it without having to worry about my arrival in Swanage.   Having not been able to get to Dorset in 2012, I made it one of my activities during my September holiday of that year.  
In May 2015, I did use Lacock as a rest point during my southbound trip to Dorset, although I didn't do as comprehensive a visit as I had done in 2012, leading me to conclude that making a dedicated trip to the property was probably the best way of dealing with it, at least as far as a first visit goes.   Some of the 2012 photographs have been replaced by ones taken in 2015, and other from the 2015 session have supplemented the collection.  I've also modified the collection order to make it more location-based.  
I did take some photographs in Lacock village in 2012, but have chosen not to use them at present. 
lacock_abbey001003.gif lacock_abbey001002.gif
P66435 - Sphinx
P57268 - Sphinx
P66439 - Umbrella
P66443 - Courtyard
P66445 - Gate Arch
P57221 - Lacock Abbey
P57267 - Lacock Abbey
P57222 - Lacock Abbey
P66468 - Tower
P66450 - Sundial
P57230 - Looking out
of the Cloisters
P57231 - Looking north
 out of the Cloisters
  P57234 - Looking north
 out of the Cloisters
P66459 - The South
P57240 - Bathroom
P57242 - The Painting
P57243 - The Sacristy
P66465 - Lacock Abbey
P66466 - Buttress
P57245 - Lacock Abbey
P57246 - Lacock Abbey
P66432 - Walled Garden
P57247 - Urn, The
Rose Garden
P57248 - Urn, The
 Rose Garden
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