Kingston Lacy
This is a National Trust Property in Dorset, just east of Blandford Forum.   Owned by the same family (the Bankes)as Corfe Castle, it became their principle residence after the destruction of the castle at the end of the English Civil War.   The property was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1981, along with various other holdings, including Corfe Castle; this was the Trust's biggest ever bequest.
This collection is on a location-based ordering system, using the numeric location references on the 2013 visitors' map, and with the house photographs coming first. 
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 P66635 - Kingston Lacy
P61674 - Kingston Lacy
P61628- The Rose
P61635 - Egyptian
P66637 - Egyptian
P61693- Lion Statue
P61694 - Potted Plant
P61695 - Armillary
P61682 - The Parterre
P66633 - The Parterre
P61684 - Urn
P61639 - The Sunken
P61640 - The Sunken
P61641 - Sheep
P61638 - Path, The
Blind Walk
P61642 - Statue,
The Blind Walk
P61644 - Sundial
P61643 - Lime Avenue
P66665 - Lime Avenue
P61645 - The Lady's
P66651 - The Lady's
P61651 - Pavilion
P66644 - The Japanese
P66643 - The Japanese
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