Evesham Carnival 2015
This was the first "proper" carnival to be held in the town since 2008, for the reason that the traditional route requires the use of the New Bridge at the end of Abbey Road, and between 2008 and 2014 this bridge was subject to a weight limit that banned HGVs from it.   Since carnival floats tend to require the use of HGVs, this meant that the carnival could not use its traditional route, and since no one (it seems) could come up with a practical alternative route, Evesham had been without a carnival for the previous seven years.  
In light of the significance of this event, I chose to photograph it rather than the Throckmorton Air Show (and in light of the issues the latter event had with traffic flows, this was probably a good call on my part).   I photographed the parade at two points: Abbey Road just by the New Bridge, and High Street,   Most of the photographs in this collection were taken at the latter point, with gaps in the parade (the collection is in what I consider to be a "parade order") being filled in at the former.
In hindsight though, I think perhaps I need to reconsider my strategy for photographing the carnival.   I did start out with a plan that would probably have worked better with the prevailing light conditions, but dropped that in favour of another one, then dropped that in favour of the one I ended up adopting.   I think also I should have zoomed on the floats more closely and not worried about the lorry tractor units.   However, I think there are a few gems in this collection, mainly when I targeted support activities rather than the floats. 
evesham_carnival_2015001002.gif evesham_carnival_2015001001.gif
 P67264 - Pipers
 P67265 - Sea Cadets
 P67266 - Town Crier
 P67269 - Carnival Queen
 Stella Lewis-Painter
 P67301 - Carnival Queen
and Attendants
P67302 - De Lorean
P67303 - "The Beverly
P67304 - "Dukes of
Hazzard "
P67305 - "Dukes of
P67306 - "Postman Pat"
P67308 - "Alice
 in Wonderland"
P67309 - Float
P67311 - Routemaster
P67280 - "Oliver" Float
P67313 - Leaflet
P67315 - Hampton Ferry
P67316 - "Peter Pan "
P67288 -  "Despicable Me"
P67318 - "Dru"
P67321 - Minion
P67319 - "Up" Float
P67320 - Avonbank
Brass Band Float
P67322 - Evesham
 Rowing Club Float
P67323 - "Frozen" Float
P67324 - Bedford Green
Goddess Fire Engine
P67325 - Float
P67326 - "Doctor
Doolittle" Float
P67327 - "Bend it like
Beckham" Float
P67329 - "Carry on" Float
P67330 - Charity
P67299 - "Lion King"
P67331 - Charity