Buscot Park
This is a National Trust Property in Oxfordshire, just on the border with Wiltshire and Gloucestershire a few miles east of Lechlade.  The park dates from around 1780, although some of the garden features date from the late 1890s/early 1900s.
The park opening hours are currently somewhat limited; the operating season is only from April to September, and the opening hours vary somewhat.   I would recommend checking the NT Website before planning any visit.  
I have made one visit to this property so far, in September 2015.  The collection is a location-based order, working from the site map issued to visitors.   
buscot_park001003.gif buscot_park001002.gif buscot_park001001.gif
 P69449 - Buscot House
 P69450 - Buscot House
 P69489 - Centaur Statue
 P69432 - Clock Tower
 P69431 - Walled Garden
 P69433 - Pond
 P69434 - Fountain
 P69435 - Pond
 P69439 - Walled Garden
 P69441 - Walled Garden
 P69490 - Walled Garden
 P69444 - Terracotta
 P69442 - Terracotta 
 P69446 - Steps
 P69454 - Theatre
 P69456 - Theatre
  P69457 - Swimming
 P69459 - Sphinx Statue
 P69461 - The Swinging
 P69464 - Sundial
 P69465 - Sundial
 P69482 - Egyptian
 P69484 - Egyptian
 P69488 - Egyptian
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