P81133 - Wild Flower Hare, Cotswold Hare Trail 2018 - Cotswold Hare Trail 2018

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Wild Flower Hare, Cotswold Hare Trail 2018
"Wild Flower Hare", Cotswold Hare Trail 2018
Date : 11th August, 2018
Photograph Reference : P81133
Camera : Sony A77
ISO : 250
Exposure Time : 1/500sec
Aperture : F5.6
Focal Length : 28mm
Modifications : RAW Modified

Artist : Yana Popova
Location : Gloucester Quays Shopping Centre

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This was the last hare I photographed in Gloucester.    Of the two remaining ones, I located the one at the Gloucester College campus in Llanthony Road, but the building was closed (could the hare not have been placed outside?) but I could not find the last of the twelve (and I wasn't sure exactly which one was missing).   
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