P72902- LMS 7P Princess Royal Class no. 6201 Princess Elizabeth, Evesham. Worcestershire - LMS Steam Locomotives

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LMS Class 7P no. 6201 Princess Elizabeth
LMS "Princess Royal" class no. 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" arrives at Evesham with the "Cathedrals Express"  Railtour
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Date : 29th October, 2016
Photograph Reference : P72902
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 3200
Exposure Time : 1/500sec
Aperture : F5.6
Focal Length : 60mm
Modifications : RAW Modified
Taken on Evesham Station.   At the time this is an angle that I hadn't used  in some years mainly because it works against the prevailing lighting conditions.   However, it was a very overcast day, and I decided to give it a try; the downside being that I had to use a fairly high ISO setting in order to get anything close to a fast  shutter speed.   However, in a spot of good fortune, the train ran early, and was held at Evesham in order for a preceding  train to clear the section ahead.   As a result, it was not travelling all that fast at this point.
On the whole, I think this is a fairly reasonable shot, given the somewhat adverse conditions it was taken under.   
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