P61522 - Hidcote Bartrim, Gloucestershire - Gloucestershire

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Hidcote Bartrim, Gloucestershire
Beech Avenue, Hidcote Bartrim, Gloucestershire

Date : 24th February, 2013
Photograph Reference P61522
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 800
Exposure Time : 1/125sec
Aperture : F8
Focal Length : 75mm
Modifications : Camera JPG unmodified

Those of you who have seen the 2012 National Trust Diary (the large edition) will recognise this view, although I haven't managed to get a horse in my photograph.   This location is immediately east of Hidcote Manor Gardens; in fact the gardens were right behind me when I took this.
I am going to refer to this location as a beech avenue; according to the diary most of the trees are beeches.
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