Nature in Close-Up
This collection is me getting "up close and personal" with nature.  
The problem I have with this collection is that my knowledge of botany is worse than my knowledge of ornithology, and I'm in the situation of having some great photographs of plants, but not knowing what they are.   I'm at least fortunate that my brother works in the horticulture industry, and his knowledge of botany far outstrips mine.   I can't even guarantee I've identified those plants in this collection correctly; it's possible I might be wrong in some cases.  
nature_in_close_up001003.gif nature_in_close_up001002.gif
P04199 - Bearded Iris
P57261 - Bee
P04185 - Bluebells
P56107 - Bluebells
P56154 - Bluebells
P66330 - Bluebells
P57506 - Bramble Leaf
P02704 - Yellow Daffodil
  P55906 - Yellow Daffodil   P02719 - White Daffodil
P57910 - Daffodil
(Easter Dawn)
P66260 - Daffodil
P61930 - Yellow Daisy 
P04212 - Forget-me-
 P04188 - Geranium
 P56027 - Grape
P61311 - Koi Carp
P04241 - Oriental Poppy
P57671 - Pine Cones
P02760 - Primrose
P57254 - Rosehip
P55660 - Snowdrop 
 P55716 - Snowdrop
P55750 - Snowdrop
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