Military Vehicles
Officially this collection is dedicated to Military Vehicles, whether wheeled or tracked.   Unofficially (at the moment anyway) it is "Bovington Tank Museum" as the Fotopic collection was a merger of the Tank Museum collection and "Wartime in the Vale 2009", but the latter has been restored in its own right. 
I have visited the museum three times, during my Dorset holidays of 2008, 2009 and 2015.   Most of the collection is from the third visit, where I made good on my promise of revisiting on a rainy day.
One final note.   Where I have said "No PSP modifications", I may mean "No PSP modifications recorded", especially for the 2008 photographs, where I was not as meticulous about adding modification information into the files.   There is a good chance that I did do a lot of lighting adjustments which I failed to record.  
military_vehicles001003.gif military_vehicles001002.gif
P04125 - A1E1 Tank
P66747 - A7V
P04129 - A9 Cruiser
P66849 - AEC Armoured
P66933 - Alvis Scorpion
P01512 - Black Prince
P66935 - Centurion
P04143 - Centurion
Stridsvagn 104
P66835 - Challenger
 I Tank
P04117 - Challenger II
P66915 - Char B1
P04127 - Char S35
P66928 - Chieftain MK 11
P66867 - Covenator Tank
P66907 - Crossley
Chevrolet Armoured
P66803 - Cruiser Tank
P66822 - Crusader III
Cruiser Tank MK VI
P04146 - Daimler Dingo
Scout Car
P01536 - Ferret MK V
P66922 - Grant Medium
P66896 - Ha-Go Light
P66766 - Hetzer
 Jadgpanzer 38
P66768 - JadgPanther
P66886 - Jadgtiger
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