Sir Henry Fowler Blue Plaque Unveiling
January 2016 saw the unveiling of a plaque dedicated to Sir Henry Fowler on the former Evesham Midland Railway Station building (opposite the GWR station in the town).    This was a joint venture between The Vale of Evesham Historical Society and the Vale of Evesham Civic society to honour the former Chief Mechanical Engineer of both the Midland Railway and the London Midland and Scottish Railway, who was born in Evesham in 1870.   It had been the original intent to put the plaque up in Port Street, at the site of the Fowler family home, but in the end this was not possible (and the original home had been demolished anyway), so the owners of the former Midland Railway station building (opposite the current railway station in Evesham) were approached for permission to erect the plaque there instead, which they agreed to .   The ceremony took place on the 27th of the month, in the presence of various local dignitaries and invited guests from the railway world.   The plaque was unveiled by Evesham mayor Fred Kaler.
Three of the photographs in this collection were published in the 29th January edition of the "Evesham Observer", one of which (69674) was on the front page.   This was the second time that my work had been used in this publication (the first being from the "George May Headstone Dedication Service" in 2012).    I chose not to take a payment for this work, but asked the newspaper to make a donation to the LMS-Patriot Society instead. 
 P69657 - Display Stand
 P69661 - David Geldard
 and John Ellis
P69662 - John Kyte 
P69664 - Unveiling 
 P69666 - Unveiling
 P69669  -  Group Shot (1)
P69673  -  Group Shot (2) 
P69674  -  Group Shot (3) 
 P69676  - Group Shot (4)
 P69675  - Robert Wells
P69677  - The Plaque 
P69680  - Discussion 
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