p69677 - Sir Henry Fowler Plaque Unveiling, Evesham - Henry Fowler Plaque Unveiling

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Sir Henry Fowler Plaque Unveiling
The Plaque, Sir Henry Fowler Plaque Unveiling
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Date : 27th January, 2016
Photograph Reference P69677
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 400
Exposure Time : 1/500sec
Aperture : F4.5
Focal Length : 16mm
Modifications : Camera JPG modified

This is in fact the second version of the plaque.   The first version (as illustrated in the "Vale Magazine) had a spelling error on it; this occurred in the production process and was replaced at no extra cost to the societies.  
This photograph was used on page 2 of the 29th January 2016 edition of the "Evesham Observer".
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