Eckington Flower Festival and Open Gardens 2017

Photographs from the first day of the event (the Saturday).   This was the first time I'd been to this event, and thanks to a hot and sunny day, I think this session produced some of the best photographs I'd taken in some time. 
I managed to visit most of the gardens open that day, and the collection is arranged in location number order.   I am not planning at present to make any of these photographs available for sale, but will consider any requests.   
eckington_flower_festival_2017001003.gif eckington_flower_festival_2017001002.gif eckington_flower_festival_2017001001.gif
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P75119 - Flower Display 
P75120 - Flower Display 
P75122 - Flower Display 
 P75099 - Garden 6
 P75100 - Garden 6
 P75101 - Garden 8a
P75102 - Sculptures,
Garden 8a 
 P75103 - Pond,
Garden 8a
 P75106 - Garden 8a
P75109 - Pond,
Garden 8a
P75113 - Balwin Welsh
Mountain Sheep
P75110 - Garden 10
P75111 - Garden 10 
P75112 - Garden Feature,
Garden 10  
P75115 - Garden 13 
P75117 - Garden 13  
P75118 - Garden 13
P75094 - Garden 15
P75095 - Garden 15
P75096 - Garden 15
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