C0132 - Eckington Open Gardens and Flower Festival 2022 - Eckington Open Gardens and Flower Festival 2022

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Eckington Open Gardens and Flower Festival 2022
Photographs from the 1st day of the event (Saturday).  The event was held in May rather than June as normal, apparently because of the Jubilee celebrations, and it was a matter of luck that I checked the festival website a couple of days prior to the event when planning my June schedule, otherwise I would have missed this event, which would be my first garden event in four years.

I managed to visit most of the gardens open on the Saturday (even managing one that wasn’t listed as open that day), and this collection is in garden order.  In the cases where I visited gardens that I did in 2017, I’ve tried to avoid re-using similar shots used in that event, although ironically, the one shot I wanted to repeat was no longer possible due to change in the garden design between the two events.  In most cases, permission was requested and granted from the property owners; the cases where permission wasn’t explicitly given were down to the fact that the owners didn’t seem to around to ask.

I don’t plan to make any of these available for sale; certainly the flower arrangements would come under my artwork sales policies, and I think any photographs of the gardens would require permission from the property owners before I could sell them.
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