P76124 - Lydia's Driver, Perrygrove Railway, Coleford, Gloucestershire - Perrygrove Railway

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"Lydia"'s driver, Perrygrove Railway Gala 2017
"Lydia"'s driver, Perrygrove Railway Gala 2017
Date: 16th September, 2017
Photograph Reference: P76124
Camera: Sony A550
ISO: 800
Exposure Time: 1/80sec
Aperture: F5.6
Focal Length: 50mm
Modifications: RAW modified
This was taken on the first return run from Oakiron to Perrygrove.   The outward run had seen the heavily loaded train slip to a standstill after departing Rookwood due to the line being somewhat damp.   However, the driver was eventually able to get the train restarted without any assistance - brilliant job!      
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