Steam Locomotives - Southern Railway
Photographs of locomotives of the Southern Railway and its constituent companies.   The company is something I've only really come to appreciate since I've been taking holidays in Dorset, hence the fact that most of these photographs were taken on the Swanage Railway. 
I've chosen to include Bulleid Pacific rebuilds in this collection for convenience, although it could be argued that these are British Railways designs. 
  P52706 M7 53
P65298 M7 30053
 P52763 M7 53
 P52774 M7 53
P54653 M7 53
P54685 M7 53
P61536 M7 30053
P61541 M7 30053
P58750 Schools (V) 925
P58724 Schools (V) 925
P58818 Schools (V) 925
P57373 U 31806
P61557 U 31806
P65504 U 31806
P61757 U 31806
P65734 U 31806
P52656 A1 662
P67017 West Country
34007 "Wadebridge"
P69424 West Country
34027 "Taw Valley"
P69427 West Country
34027"Taw Valley"
P69419 West Country
 34027 "Taw Valley"
P52642 West Country
34028 "Eddystone"
P54719 West Country
34028 "Eddystone"
P61585 West Country
 34028 "Eddystone"
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