White Rhino, Longleat Safari Park - On Safari

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White Rhino, Longleat Safari Park
White Rhino, Longleat Safari Park
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This was taken in the Rhino paddock, and is a view not normally available to the general public.  However in this instance, it was my then-partner's birthday and as a present I booked us and her sister on a VIP tour of the Safari Park, in which we were shown areas normally off-limits.   By a stroke of luck, we had the tour to ourselves (they were normally accomodating six people, but no one else had booked on this tour).

Unfortunately, this has suffered a little when converting back to 6x4 from 7x5, which is what it was printed at, and I've lost the top of the back of the rhino.   At this stage I don't feel this is worth the effort of attempting a rescan from the negative.  
Date : 25th June, 2005
Photograph Reference : C30-35-07
Camera : Minolta Dynax 505si

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