P01334 - Jerry the Chinchilla - Jerry the Chinchilla

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Jerry the Chinchilla
Jerry the Chinchilla

Date : 8th September, 2008
Photograph Reference : P01334
Camera : Sony A200
ISO Rating : 400
Shutter Speed : 1/60sec with flash
Aperture Setting : F5.6
Focal Length : 40mm
Modifications : Camera JPG unmodified

Biting the hand that feeds him.   I do get treated as a "chew toy" which is probably at least partially down to the fact that he has no female company.   An attempt was made early on to get a female chinchilla as a mate for him, but without success, and circumstances forced this plan to be eventually abandoned (Part of the problem with this was that chinchillas aren't prollific breeders and the females tend to be held onto by chinchilla breeders).   Perhaps under other circumstances I might have revisited this idea, but with Jerry now being somewhat advanced in years, I doubt I will attempt this now.
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