P84769 - Jerry the Chinchilla - Jerry the Chinchilla

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Jerry the Chinchilla eats a raisin
Jerry the Chinchilla
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Date : 29th September, 2019
Photograph Reference : P84769
Camera : Sony A77
ISO Rating : 800
Shutter Speed : 1/80sec with flash
Aperture Setting : F5.6
Focal Length : 35mm
Modifications : RAW modified

There was no 15th Birthday photograph session as such; Jerry had some health issues during the summer of 2019 which required several visits to the vet and initially his issues caused me some very anxious moments.   Fortunately, his condition improved as time went by, although perhaps his age is starting to catch up with him now and I don't think things will go back to exactly where they were before the problems starting.   15 years is a very good age for a chinchilla, and although I cannot really ask any more of him, perhaps he will stick around a little longer.
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