P62073 - Jerry the Chinchilla - Jerry the Chinchilla

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Jerry the Chinchilla
Jerry the Chinchilla
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Date : 19th January, 2014
Photograph Reference : P62073
Camera : Sony A550
ISO Rating : 500
Shutter Speed : 1/80sec with flash
Aperture Setting : F4.5
Focal Length : 55mm
Modifications : Camera JPG unmodified

With the weather in January 2014 being for most part awful, it is perhaps not too surprising that any photography would be concentrated on Jerry, especially as I not had a session with him for seven months.  The aim for this session was to capture him getting to grips with a peanut, and I was successful in this, even if this isn't the most technically perfect photograph (this wasn't the easiest of photographs to take, and yet again, technical perfection had to take a backseat to actually obtaining the shot).  
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