P00066 - St Egwin, Evesham Vale Light Railway - Evesham Vale Light Railway

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St Egwin, Evesham Vale Light Railway
"St Egwin" on route to Country Park Halt, Evesham Vale Light Railway
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Date : 7th June, 2008
Photograph Reference : P00066
Camera : Sony A200
ISO : 200
Exposure Time : 1/250sec
Aperture : F9
Focal Length : 28mm
Modifications : Camera JPG modified

I mentioned earlier in the collection that there is a footpath that runs  between two sections of the line.  In this instance, we now see the other  section, with "St Egwin" heading for Country Park Halt (which is actually just  off to the left of the rear of this photograph).   

This photograph was used (in a modified form - reversed and background removed) by the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway to promote their 2019 summer gala event.   It was supplied free-of-charge, and I did offer them the use of later photographs of the locomotive, but this one best suited their needs (if anyone else wants a copy of this image in relation to the event, please ask me and I will supply a copy as I am currently in the process of investigating an instance where someone appears to have got hold of this website's image file, which is only 0.51Mpx image anyway) .   
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