Landscape and Architecture - Worcestershire
As I live in Evesham, in the southeast of the county, it is hardly surprising that I do a lot of photography in that area.   As a result, restoring this collection was quite a task, and in the end I've decided to concentrate on the digital material from June 2008 onwards, with only two 35mm photographs currently making it onto the collection. 
The Evesham area has seen a lot of changes in the last couple of decades, not all of them being for the better, and some things that I grew up with have either changed dramatically or gone forever.   In my Fotopic collection I came up with the line "Just because something, or someone, is here today, does not mean that it will be still here tomorrow", and as far as I'm concerned this still applies.   One item in this collection has been rebuilt recently, and several other items stand a good chance of being replaced or removed in the next few years.  
P06663 - Battle Well
P55589 - Battle Well
P06668 - Orchards,
P06673 - Leicester
P06676 - Obelisk,
P69384 - River Severn,
P69387 - River Severn,
P56050 - St Giles
Church, Bredon
P54307 - The Fleece
Inn, Bretforton
P54308 - St Leonards
Church, Bretforton
P56307 - Broadway
P62003 - Broadway
P62016 -  Dry Stone Wall
P53131 - Charlton
Village Green
P53128 - Cropthorne Mill
P54616 - Cropthorne Mill
P61330 - Cropthorne Mill
P75601 - Cropthorne Mill
P56078 - The Old Post
Office, Cropthorne
P00006 - Evesham
Bell Tower
P71660 - Evesham Bell
P76394 - Evesham Bell
P76395 - Evesham Bell
P71665 - All Saints
Church and
Evesham Bell Tower
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