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HTML 5 reformatting
The reformatting of the top levels of this site has been implemented a week earlier than I had planned.   Unfortunately, I was struck with a cold during March, and the test I had planned for the middle of the month ended up being pushed back to the 22nd.   At this point, I decided that unless a major issue was discovered during the test, the new pages might as well be left in place, and since – apart from a few minor issues which should be corrected now – the test was a success, that’s what I’ve done.
So what’s changed.  Most of the previous functionality has been retained; the main difference is that the facility to visit collections directly from the home page has been lost.   I couldn’t immediately implement this in the new design, and quite frankly it was perhaps more of a nuisance than an advantage in the previous one.   I’ve reduced the number of new photographs posted to ten and the collections updated will now only cover the last three active months.   However the number of published items has been increased to five, and the “Featured Photographs” animation uses a professional add-on rather than Javascript of my own construction.
The new design should work much better where mobile devices are used, although some parts of the site will be hidden if viewed on one.   Mobile device users will no longer be re-directed to mobile versions of the site (at least once I have finished tidying up the collections that have yet to be converted that is).  

As of the end of March, I have (hopefully) removed all links to collections that are being taken offline, and these collections should be removed in early April.   The last two “Art” collections have been converted, and I am working on converting “Cropthorne Walkabout 2015”, after which I intend to turn my focus onto my railway sites.   Any remaining “Event” collections will probably not be done until winter 2019/2012 (I suspect that “Evesham Carnival 2015” will be rotated out under the new “maximum of four” rule before it gets converted).  
March Photography
In short, there wasn’t any.  A combination of bad weather, the previously mentioned cold, car issues and family commitments meant that I didn’t actually take any photographs during the month.   This was somewhat disappointing as I usually manage to do something in March.

Bearing in mind, last April’s failure to photograph anything, I hope to be able to get out and do something during the month, possibly some of the work I had planned for March.   I am particularly conscious of the fact that my National Trust score for 2018 was down somewhat, and want to make that up in 2019.  
I am not going to tempt fate by publishing a list of activities I’m thinking about doing in 2019, but I hope to be able to manage some of the items I’d planned for 2018, but never got round to.
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