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Landscape and Architecture
I'm more of an "Outdoor" Photographer than an "Indoor" one, and enjoy long walks in the country.   This gallery contains photographs celebrating landscape and architecture.
Photographs of Dorset
I've taken several holidays in  Swanage; this collection features photographs taken of the county during these holidays
Photographs of the Elan Valley
An area of central Wales, featuring several reservoirs, not too far from where I live.
Photographs of Gloucestershire
I live close to the Cotswolds, and have an interest in the railways of the Forest of Dean; hence these two areas feature heavily in this collection.  
Photographs of the River Windrush
Photographs taken in proximity to the river
Photographs of Warwickshire
Warwickshire is another county that I live close to.
Photographs of Worcestershire
Photographs from the county which I currently reside in.
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