Croome Park
Croome Park is a National Trust Property in Worcestershire dating from the 18th Century, and is best known as "Capability" Brown' s first work.  This collection is arranged in an approximate locational order, working clockwise from the entrance to the park by the church.
This was the first collection restored to my new site, and although I've reworked the collection since the original build, some of the prototypical nature of the collection still remains. 
P50057 - Church 
P52981 - The Ice House 
P65954 - The Ice House
P69265 - Croome Park
P72350 - Croome Court
P72327 - Croome Park
P50089 - Croome Court
P50091 - Fireplace
P50093 - The Long
P50094 - Doorway
P50096 - Dining Room
P50097 - The Saloon
P50098 - The Gouty
P69286 - Croome Park
P69288 - Croome Park
P72333 - Croome Court
P65946 - Sphinx Statue
P52905 - Croome Court
P72335 - Croome Court
P72338 - Croome Court
P56351 - The Home
P56345 - The Rotunda
P65948 - The Rotunda
P65949 -The Rotunda
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