Landscape and Architecture - Dorset
I first visited Dorset in 2006, when I spent a week in Bournemouth with some friends. During that holiday, we visited Swanage twice, and I began to consider having a holiday there. I came back to Swanage in September 2008, and have had several more holidays there since.
I have to admit that being more of "country" person than a "city" person, I prefer Swanage to Bournemouth.   In the latter I had to use my car to get anywhere outside the town; with Swanage, I find that my car is parked up for most of the holiday, making only the occasional foray inland.
Given the opportunity, I would seriously consider a move to Dorset to become a professional photographer.
P03988 - Ballard Down
 P54744 - Ballard Down
P61793 - Ballard Down
P52716 - The Blue Pool
P65329 - The Blue Pool
P65333 - The Blue Pool
P65347 - The Blue Pool
P52683 - Chapman's
P66675 - Royal Marines
Memorial, Chapman's
P66681 - Chapman's
P52684 - Chapman's
P52687- Waterfall,
 Chapman's Pool
P52688- Waterfall,
Chapman's Pool
P54926 - Church
 Knowle Lime Kiln
P54902 - Clouds Hill
P54832 - Corfe Castle
P66949- Waterfall,
Corfe Castle Village
P52725 - Corfe River
P54843- Creech
Grange Arch
P54839 - Through the
P61728 - Dancing Ledge
P54896 - Durlston Bay
P61700 - Durlston Bay
P04018 - Tillly Whim
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