P84507 - Class 14 Diesel-hydraulic no. D9521, Dean Forest Railway - Lineside - Dean Forest Railway

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Class 14 Diesel-hydraulic no. D9521 heads through Whitecroft with a southbound freight working, Dean Forest Railway Diesel Gala, Gloucestershire
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I had initially wanted to take this sequence a little further north, but after some negotiations with another photographer about our relative positions, I moved a little further south to avoid getting into his shot.   The only slight issue with this location was predominance of brambles and in trying to keep them out of shot, I didn't get as much of the train in shot as I would have liked.   However, the exposure was pretty much spot-on, and I decided that I would go with a slightly recomposed camera-JPG version.
Date : 14th September, 2019
Photograph Reference : P84507
Camera : Sony A77
ISO : 125
Exposure Time : 1/500sec
Aperture : F6.3
Focal Length : 16mm
Modifications : Camera JPG modified

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