Trains in the Landscape
This collection features examples of photographs of trains where I'm concentrating more on the train as a whole in the landscape, rather than the motive power, which is something I've been trying to do more of since I converted to DSLR photography . It features both heritage and modern traction and is ordered by location rather than by the locomotive being featured
I must admit that some of the work in this collection would have been reworked differently now than to when I originally took the photographs.   I don't intend to rework these any further; I think I would probably be better off trying to get some new material instead.   There are two versions of one photograph, for reasons explained in the collection, and one photograph was reworked by my brother, Matthew Kyte.
P69337 - Bewdley
P69348 - Bewdley
P57295 - Big Pit
P66009 - Bridgnorth
P66063 - Cheltenham
P70913 - Cheltenham
P71988 - Cheltenham
P01412 - Corfe Castle
P65359 - Corfe Castle
P65370 - Corfe Castle
P54940 - Corfe Castle
P54941 - Corfe Castle
P65356 - Corfe Castle
P52750 - Corfe Common
P65312 - Corfe Common
P54773 - Corfe Common
P54782- Corfe Common
P58975 - Didbrook
P58979 - Didbrook
P63422 - Didbrook
P69826 - Didbrook
P69814 - Didbrook
Class 180 DMUs
at Evesham
P50042 - Evesham
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