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Personal Data Policy
My policies on personal data storage as as follows:

  • The "Contact Me" form will only initially ask for a contact email address.  It is not compulsory for this to be supplied, but I cannot  reply to any enquiries without it. Supplying an email address will be treated as consent for me to contact the parties involved and to store the  address for future use.
  • If I subsequently ask for any further personal data, I will justify my reasons for the request (this is probably only likely to be an address or telephone number)
  • I will not ask for any financial data.  Any financial  transactions will be handled via the sales galleries, and covered by their data  protection policies.  This information is not supplied to me.
  • I will store any personal data in as secure a location as I can manage, and not hold this information in an online facility.
  • Personal information will not be passed to any third parties without the consent of the owner of the information.  
  • I will delete any personal data from my systems if requested to do so.

In addition I reserve the right to ignore/block any emails received which have either not used the contact form, not worked from one of my business cards, or not from any other source that I consider legitimate.
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