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After the disappointment of December, January was a good month, with my production target of five images not only being obtained, but with a total of twenty in all, I’ve also fulfilled my target for February as well.  Having failed to get to the Severn Valley Railway in December, I ended up visiting the railway for their Winter Steam Gala at the beginning of month, which, although not very sunny, resulted in some decent photographs, some of which I’d failed to obtain on my two previous visits.  I might have managed more photography, but I decided to reschedule one activity into February to give me more options for the month, and I perhaps didn’t want to get too far ahead at this stage of the year.

I’ve also managed to get the internal search facility operating again, although with slightly less functionality than it had prior to the issues I had in 2023 which forced a switch to a Google search facility.  Annoyingly, the issue didn’t actually affect the image search facility, which was the one thing I
didn’t check when the problem originally occurred; if I had done this, I wouldn’t have had to resort to Google for a solution.  

My Sat Nav got replaced with a new system in the month, so navigation into less well known territory should no longer be an issue.
Wall Art Sales
As sales didn’t improve in January, as of the beginning of February, I’ve increased my commission levels again, although not to the level they were prior to November last year. As I’ve previously stated, my hosting costs have increased recently, and thus more revenue is required to cover these increases.
Table Removal
This is now down to three collections remaining to process, with January seeing the removal of two “Wartime in the Vale” collections and the 2019 event being processed (some items from the removed collections have been transferred into the “Civilian Vehicles” and “Military Vehicles” collections).  I would expect to finish this project during the next couple of months, certainly well ahead of the December 2024 deadline I originally stated, although some formatting adjustments need to be done on collections processed at the start of the project.

As of the end of January, the total number of photographs on this site is 3,977 over 106 collections.  My ultimate goal for the project was to get the total down to less the 4,000; this has been achieved, but is probably not going remain that way for very long.
“Sir Henry Fowler” book, 2nd Edition
I’ve had further discussions with the Vale of Evesham Historical Society on this matter, and although a specific deadline has not been agreed for this, they would like it at some point this year if possible.  I need to have further discussions with my mother on the matter, and at present I only have digital files relating to the first half of the book; I need to be able to find any files relating to the remainder, otherwise this is going to be a lot harder and more time-consuming than I would like.  

At present I have no contact details for any of the contributors to the first edition.  If any of those contributors wish to contact me, please feel free to use the contact form on this site to do so.

I will not make any promises as to the nature of the 2nd Edition, and I doubt there will be any major changes; I don’t have the time and resources to do this, and I don’t want to risk undermining my late father’s work.  There is no financial incentive for me to do this, as all royalties go to the VoEHS, and not to me, or any member of my family; there is however a financial incentive for me to take photographs that I can sell.
After some deliberation, I’ve decided to keep last year’s monthly production targets the same for this year, but with the November and December totals merged, rather than separate, to give me the option of clearing the target at any point during the period. This gives a fixed target of 650 images, and although I’ve already met the February target in January, I do intend to do something in February rather than sit on my laurels.  There’s an activity that I had originally planned for last December still outstanding, and I may even visit a National Trust property.

With the search facility sorted, I plan to turn my attention to the “Transport” Gallery restructure during the month.  I’ve already started with a change to the indexing of “Military Vehicles” to an alphabetical system rather than a fixed number of thumbnails, which should make further additions to the collection a little easier (“Civilian Vehicles” may get this treatment at some point in the future); the next part involves splitting the railway and non-railway collections over two pages (I was originally going to do three, but felt giving the two air and water transport collections was not worth the effort at this time).  I am also considering some other alteration to the gallery level of the site in order to remove some clutter.
Supported Causes
The following causes have received donations from me since 2020.  If you have enjoyed the contents of this site or have found them useful (or any of my other sites for that matter), then please consider making a donation.

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