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My plans for May came off, with sessions at Cropthorne Walkabout, Croome Park, and three railways.  This has resulted in a production total of 117 images (so far; I’ve still got some work to process), exceeding the requirement of 80, and overall putting me in approximately the same position as I was at this point last year.  
The session at this year’s Cropthorne Walkabout was my first visit to the event in six years.  Although the weather wasn’t amazing, I felt that it was good enough to make the effort, and I came away with some good images.  I did try not to repeat views I’d done in previous years, but in some cases it wasn’t easy to do this, and there was at least one garden where I could have done with visiting it at a different time of day than I did for some better views.  That saying, I came away with enough work to almost complete the month’s quota in one session, and ended up with three new collections created from this work.
The Croome session was the first major work of 2024, that wasn’t originally intended to be done in 2023; if anything, it was earlier than planned as I had wanted to do this later in the year.  However, my mother was interested in an art exhibition taking place there in April, and so this got pushed up the schedule as a result.  It also resulted in me taking photographs inside the building for the first time since my first visit in 2010.
The next two sessions involved drives to the Forest of Dean for the Perrygrove and Dean Forest Railway events, fortunately not on the same weekend.  The weather for both of these was good, and I got some good photos at Perrygrove, although a little disappointed that the field to the west of the railway wasn’t accessible this time round.  I’ve not processed the DFR photographs as of the time of writing, but I don’t think I did all that good a job on that session, in part due to testing a new location that didn’t work as well as I’d thought it would.  The DFR event was also somewhat subdued as it was home fleet only; probably the right call as it was competing with the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway’s gala event which had a major crowd-puller involved.
Finally, I had two days at the aforementioned Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway event.  With this and the DFR’s events clashing, I had decided to do the GWSR on the last two days only, as opposed to all three days as I normally do, which may have been a mixed blessing.  On the one hand, the Saturday had the best weather.  On the other, because the gala had become the debut of new-build GWR “Grange” class no 6880 “Betton Grange”, from what I gathered, the Saturday was the busiest day of the event, no doubt to due to enthusiasts descending on the railway to see the locomotive on its first day of public operations.  I suspect the trains would have been even more crowded on the Saturday than they were on the next two days.  I did manage to ride behind all of the visiting locomotives (all of which were new builds) and all but one of the home locomotives.  My ride behind 6880 was the last thing I did prior to leaving on the Monday.

As stated previously, I still have material to process for the month, but with the first of this year’s holidays away from home imminent, further updates to this site will probably now wait until I return from that.
I am having a holiday in North Wales during the month, and if all goes to plan, I would expect to visit at least two railways, and at least one National Trust property (which will almost certainly be a first-time visit).  I’m hoping for good weather, but I’ll settle for “Not Raining”.

Anything else done during the month is likely to be close to home.  I expect to be doing more driving on this holiday than I would in Dorset, so I don’t really want to using the car too much outside the holiday period.
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