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Search Facility Notes
The search facility returns results in two categories:
  • Page – a search is made on the gallery pages for the terms specified.  Due to a technical issue, collection index pages are no longer being scanned at present, although I may re-investigate a fix for this at some point in the future.
  • Images – the metadata for the main photograph images is searched and results matching any terms supplied are returned.  The image search is not ranked and results are returned in the order of listing in the search file.   The Pxxxx reference has been added to the image metadata, so a search on a specific reference should produce the corresponding image.

Searches may take a few seconds to finish compiling.  It is advised that the search terms are kept to perhaps one or words, and searches be aimed at specific items.  If searching for more general subjects, it may be better to browse the galleries instead.

As an aid to searching on certain subjects the following search codes have been added to the image metadata, to show items in related groups:

AAS - Ark Animal Sanctuary
BTEyyyy - Battle of Evesham Re-enactments
CLRyyyy - Cropthorne Light Railway
CRWyyyy - Cropthorne Walkabout
CVLyyyy - Evesham Carnival
CWPyyyy - Cotswold Wildlife Park
DFRyyyy - Dean Forest Railway
ECFyyyy - Eckington Flower Festival
EVLRyyyy/VRAyyyy - Evesham Vale Light Railway/Valley Railway Experience
FFRyyyy - Ffestiniog Railway
FLWyyyy - Fladbury Walkabout
GWSRyyyy - Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
LLRyyyy - Llangollen Railway
MMKyyyy - Evesham Medieval Market
PBRyyyy - Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway
PGRyyyy - Perrygrove Railway
SVRyyyy - Severn Valley Railway
SWRyyyy - Swanage Railway
TMFyyyy - Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
VAAyyyy - Vale Active Art
WHRyyyy - Welsh Highland Railway
WITVyyyy - Wartime in the Vale
WMSPyyyy - West Midland Safari Park

yyyy’ represents the addition of the year the photograph was taken to the code; adding this should confine the image search to the year specified.  If a year is not specified after the code, all images relating to the code should be shown.

Finally, if running a search produces no results other than pages in the top levels of the site, it is possible that I may have failed to re-install the correct location file when updating the top level modules.  Please use the contact form to inform me if you believe this to be the case.
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