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At present, I can only offer large scale wall art products for sale via my gallery on as 3Xm have discontinued their general gallery system.  I am currently intending to try and seek out a new facility for handling smaller prints at some point between now and March 2024.

The position on sales as of December 2023 is as follows:
  • Items from the "Landscape and Architecture", "Nature", and "Transport" galleries are available as Wall Art through Photo4Me.
  • Items from the "Art" gallery will not be offered for sale unless consent received from the artists involved.
  • Items from the “Heritage Properties” collections will not be made available from Photo4Me at present due to possible consent issues, with the exception of items in the "Blue Pool" collection, as this is not a National Trust property.
  • Requests for items not currently available for purchase will be considered, unless covered by one of the previously mentioned exemptions.
The items are offered for sale for personal use only (as per my definition on the  "Usage"  page), and may not be reproduced, sold onto third parties or published without  my consent in writing.

Sales Galleries currently set up
Dorset (handled by
Gloucestershire (handled by
Worcestershire (handled by
Nature (handled by
Steam Locomotives - BR (handled by
Steam Locomotives - GWR (handled by
Steam Locomotives - LMS (handled by
Steam Locomtives - LNER (handled by
Steam Locomotives - SR (handled by
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